Choosing the right size.

The Gulf-20 is available in six sizes and should fit most riders between 5'2 (157cm) - 6'4" (193cm). Please note, however, that the Gulf-20 is a pure-bred racing bike, and like a classic LeMans prototype, it does not fit or ride like an estate car. The geometry is aggressive, with a low head tube and quick handling so the Gulf-20 is not necessarily suitable to be ridden by the cycling novice.

Professional fittings.

If you are keen on spending many enjoyable hours aboard the Gulf-20 but are unsure of the right size for you, please consult a professional bicycle fit specialist in your area. You can print out this geometry chart and take it with you to your fitting so he or she can determine your correct size.

Adjustments & Final build.

Because the Gulf-20 features an integrated seat mast instead of an adjustable seat post, a professional mechanic must make the proper cut for your saddle height. Cutting the seat mast or steer tube should not be attempted at home and improper cutting will void the bicycle's warranty. The Gulf-20 will arrive with some assembly and tuning required, which will also require professional service. If you would like a suggestion on where to take your Gulf-20 for service in your area, please contact us. 


Gulf Geo.png

Additional warnings. 

Assembly Warning:

The Gulf-20 is a precision carbon fiber bicycle that requires assembly by a trained professional mechanic. If you need assistance finding a skilled bicycle mechanic in your area, please contact us at Ritte Cycles and we will be happy to assist you.

Fit Warning:

For fitting of your Gulf-20 please refer to our geometry chart and suggested sizing. If you are unsure of your size, it is recommended you contact a professional bike fitter in your area before choosing your size; all purchases are final.

ISM Warning:

The Gulf-20 features an integrated seat mast that when cut and fitted is limited to 1.5 cm of upwards adjustment. Always have a trained professional trim the mast to suit your personal fit. Improper cutting of the seat mast can damage the frame and void the warranty.